Tabular Solution Methods

In this part 1 of series on RL post, we will look into different ways we can solve RL problem using tabular methods.

Series on Reinforcement Learning

This post will provide an introduction to reinforcement learning and outline various topics to be covered in subsequent posts.

Kyrptonite for humans

In this post, we will stop and ponder over the question, What is that makes us human, supposedly a complete being? Puzzling limitation of our mind -- our excessive confidence in what we believe we know, and our apparent inability to acknowledge the full extent of our ignorance and the uncertainty of the world we live in.

Fun in Deep Learning Project

This post will provide a journey of creating a deep learning project. In this post, we will create a deep learning project, all famous OCR aka Text Recognizer. We will also look at many lessons and process that needs to be adopted to go from planning to final deployed product and also present a case study of Creating modern OCR pipeline using Computer Vision and Deep Learning done at Dropbox.